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Next-step treatment services

What are next-step treatments?
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About next-step treatments

People with depression, anxiety, and related mental health conditions will often seek out treatment to relieve their symptoms.

But not all treatment would be effective for everyone.

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Remission of all symptoms is the goal of treatment, and yet -

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Only 60–85% of patients with anxiety disorders experience at least a 50% improvement with first line treatment.1

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17% of Australian adults are treated with antidepressants2,3 but up to 30% are estimated to be treatment-resistant.4

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It is a similar story for people with other mental health conditions including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The good news is that a major paradigm shift in the treatment of depression is underway. Neurostimulation is now MBS-funded for eligible patients, novel drug treatment has been indicated specifically for treatment-resistant depression, and there has been a significant increase in funding for research into new mental health treatments. For the first time, patients with treatment-resistant mental health conditions can access novel and highly effective therapies as their next step towards recovery.

When a second course of treatment fails to relieve all symptoms – The Monarch Clinic is the next step.

Our specialists provide assessment services and tailor treatments to meet the individual needs of the patient. 

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