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ADHD Assessment for Adults in Australia

Monarch Adult ADHD Assessment and Treatment Services

You may want to understand your symptoms better if you have experienced inattention, lack of focus and distractibility or difficulties concentrating. Your doctor or health provider may also have recommended you complete psychometric testing to understand these symptoms and any other concerns that may impact your overall mental health. 

The Monarch Adult ADHD Assessment Service provides a best-practice psychological assessment to explore your ADHD symptoms and better understand their relationship to your overall mental health and daily functioning. This assessment will assist in ruling out other causes, understanding other concerns and ensuring you receive the best treatment for your situation. This psychological assessment will be provided to support your psychiatric diagnostic assessment.

The adult ADHD assessment service will be conducted entirely via telehealth. Assessment will consist of three scheduled appointments, one 60-minute session and two 90-minute sessions. The assessment involves completing questionnaires about your pattern of functioning, general mental health and history as well as participating in clinical interviews. Your clinician will also ask you to identify two people who know you well to be part of the assessment 1) A childhood informant; someone who knew you as a child (such as a parent or caregiver) to attend the assessment sessions and 2) An observer who knows you well in your current life who can be sent an electronic questionnaire. You can choose not to provide a childhood informant or observer contact however this would affect the validity of the results. Once complete your clinician will write an assessment summary with results and impressions for you.

Monarch Mental Health Group Adult ADHD Treatment Services

Once you receive a diagnosis of ADHD from Monarch, Monarch offers supportive and evidence-based treatments to help you understand and manage your diagnosis.

  • Medication: some stimulant medications have been found to be effective for managing ADHD. Following an assessment with a Monarch psychiatrist, the appropriateness of medication for your particular situation will be explored. Medication for adult ADHD shows most effective when used in conjunction with psychological support.
  • Psychological intervention: Monarch’s ten-week adult ADHD psychological intervention program is designed to provide you with skills to manage your ADHD symptoms. You will be matched with a clinician who has expertise in working with ADHD. This program will give you an understanding of the neurobiological processes of the ADHD mind and ways to begin to use this knowledge to your advantage. Your clinician will work alongside you to develop your own tools and strategies to manage ADHD effectively. By doing this you will create better habits and improve executive functioning, overall enhancing your performance and life satisfaction. 

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