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Clinical Quality and Safety at Monarch Mental Health Group

Monarch Mental Health Group’s (MMHG) purpose of existence is to help more people recover from mental health conditions. We offer treatments within an environment where individuals are supported by their families and community during the mental health treatment journey and recovery. We aim to ensure you receive high-quality, safe and effective clinical care whilst in our facilities. We are committed to providing excellence in all our services and look for opportunities to improve at each stage of your journey with us.

MMHG gathers information from a range of sources to understand how our performance translates to patient outcomes and experience. We gather data from clinical incident reporting, clinical outcomes, audits, patient experience surveys as well as, patient feedback and complaints. At MMHG, we have systems to ensure that the patient outcome and experience data flows down to our frontline team and escalated up to the highest level of clinical governance of the organisation.


To ensure high-quality, safe and effective clinical care across our facilities, MMHG is fully accredited against the National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards. The following outlines how Monarch Mental Health Group meets the three overarching standards



Standard 1: Clinical Governance

Monarch Mental Health Group has a wide range of policies, protocols, and processes that are reviewed regularly and are in place to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality health care. The establishment of these safety systems, programs and protocols ensures the continual enhancement of safety and optimal healthcare care for all patients, visitors, and staff.


Medical Advisory Committee

MMHG has an established Medical Advisory Committee which oversees and regularly reviews clinical compliance, the effectiveness of the clinical care provided at MMHG and clinical excellence.


Clinical Outcomes

MMHG uses globally standardised tools to measure clinical outcomes.


Standard 2: Partnering with Consumers

Monarch Mental Health Group supports active participation by consumers in the improvement of patient experiences and patient health outcomes, for continuous quality improvement.

All patients are given the opportunity to provide feedback, formally and informally. This feedback may be provided anonymously and is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

MMHG has an established Consumer Advisory Committee that is actively involved in strategic planning, evaluating, and reviewing of safety processes to ensure the delivery of a more effective, safe and high-quality healthcare service.




Standard 3: Clinical Safety Standard

Monarch Mental Health Group has processes in place to aid in improving clinical safety outcomes and associated processes. This includes infection control and prevention within all MMHG clinics and premises. Systems are in place to support the safe, appropriate, and effective use of medicines, reduce the risks associated with medicine-related events and improve the safety and quality use of medicines.

Our clinical team works with the patients to identify their goals for treatment and actively reviews such goals across the treatment journey. MMHG highly values and implements timely, purpose-driven, effective communication and documentation that supports continuous and coordinated care for our patients and in the course of treatment, systems are in place to ensure that where healthcare needs to be escalated this is done efficiently and effectively.