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Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain in Australia 

The Monarch Mental Health Group is a leader in the innovative treatment of chronic pain. With over 20 years of combined experience treating thousands of people, the Monarch Mental Health Group has a wealth of knowledge and experience. The group is a psychiatrist-led Australian mental health care provider focusing on early access to innovative next-step services for people experiencing chronic pain. Some of our treatment pathways, such as next-step medication and TMS have been effective in treating chronic pain.

What is chronic pain?

Pain is considered chronic or persistent when it lasts for more than 3 months, or pain persists beyond what would be considered normal healing times. Not to be confused with acute pain, such as pain from an injury, which occurs quickly and doesn't usually last for extended periods.

Chronic pain is a complicated condition that people experience differently. Pain can feel mild to severe and is felt on most days by sufferers.

What causes chronic pain?

Sources of chronic pain can include nerve pain, pain caused by a bone, muscle or joint condition, as well as pain due to diseases such as cancer.

Chronic pain can also be caused by illnesses such as migraine, osteoporosis, arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions, or after an injury or surgery. Sometimes there is no apparent cause of chronic pain.

Normally, if you have an injury, nerves carry signals from the injured part of your body to the brain, telling the brain that there’s a problem. The brain reads these signals as pain.

But when someone has chronic pain, the nerves that carry pain signals to the brain, or the brain itself, are behaving in an unusual way. The nerves might be more sensitive than usual, or the brain might be misreading other signals as pain.

Acute pain can develop into a chronic pain condition if left untreated or if the acute pain is poorly treated. The longer pain remains untreated, the greater the risk of pain becoming chronic.

Will my chronic pain ever go away?

Chronic pain, by definition, persists over long periods and for most will not go away entirely. However, you can find relief with the right treatment options combined with lifestyle changes. Your primary focus should be to reduce the levels of pain you are experiencing and return to your normal daily routine.


Monarch Offers Solutions That Work

The Monarch Mental Health Group are expert at offering next-step solutions for dealing with chronic pain. We offer a range of treatment pathways including TMS, next-step medication and bespoke support programs to tackle chronic pain. TMS in particular has proven effective in treating various forms of pain including chronic pain. Considerable research over several decades bears out the efficacy of TMS treatment for chronic pain. To find out more about how we can help, please contact us to speak to our patient care team.

Our Difference



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*Please note - only Monarch Group initial assessments are bulk billed. Accessing clinicians through our consulting suites will incur out-of-pocket costs.


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