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Effective treatment for ADHD in Australia

Effective treatment for ADHD

The Monarch Mental Health Group, through the Monarch Clinics and via telehealth, offers assessment, diagnosis and treatment options for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults. Our ADHD assessment program utilises standardised psychometric tests and clinical interviews delivered by psychologists and provisionally registered psychologists to help your psychiatrist determine the best course when delivering their diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

There is increasing evidence of the use of TMS in treating ADHD, where TMS can improve aspects of cognition in patients with ADHD in adults and is a treatment pathway MMHG offers. MMHG is a leader in delivering TMS treatment for a range of mental health issues including ADHD.

Alternatively, the Monarch Mental Health Group works with a range of psychiatrists whom we can refer to for patients to be seen in their private practice.

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (commonly referred to as ADHD, and sometimes as ADD in the past) is characterised by a difference in neurobiology evident in childhood and impacts executive function and self-regulation. Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. 

Approximately 1 in every 20 Australians has ADHD. More than 3 in 4 children diagnosed with ADHD will continue to experience the symptoms as adults.

The 3 types of ADHD are:

  • Inattentive means a person is distractible. It is hard for the person to organise, finish a task, pay attention to details and follow instructions or conversations. 

  • Hyperactive-impulsive means a person is fidgety and feels restless. Someone who is impulsive may interrupt others, grab things from people or speak at inappropriate times. 

  • Combined means a person has symptoms including hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity.

What are ADHD Symptoms?

There are 2 groups of symptoms of ADHD:

Inattentive symptoms

  • not paying attention to details, or making careless mistakes in schoolwork
  • having difficulty remaining focused in class, conversations or reading
  • avoiding tasks that take continuous mental effort (for example, homework)
  • not following through on instructions, a tendency to start but not finish tasks
  • having difficulty organising tasks, activities, belongings or time
  • being easily distracted or daydreaming
  • losing things
  • not seeming to listen when spoken to
  • being forgetful with everyday tasks, such as chores and appointments

Hyperactive-impulsive symptoms

  • fidgeting and squirming
  • running or climbing in situations where it is inappropriate, leaving their seat in class
  • talking non-stop
  • interrupting conversations, games or activities or using people’s things without permission
  • blurting out an answer before a question has been finished
  • having difficulty playing quietly
  • having difficulty waiting their turn
  • leaving the seat in class or in other situations where sitting is expected
  • being constantly in motion, as if 'driven by a motor'
  • struggling to play or do tasks quietly

ADHD Treatment with MMHG?

These are the services MMHG currently offers for the treatment of adult ADHD:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis
    An adult assessment service encompassing psychological testing designed to understand your symptoms to assist the psychiatrist in their diagnosis. Assessment takes 1 to 4 weeks and is followed by a psychiatric diagnostic session. 

  • Psychological Intervention
    MMHG’s ten-week adult ADHD psychological intervention program is designed to provide you with skills to manage your ADHD symptoms. You will be matched with a clinician who has expertise in working with ADHD. This program will give you an understanding of the neurobiological processes of the ADHD mind and ways to begin to use this knowledge to your advantage. Your clinician will work alongside you to develop your own tools and strategies to manage ADHD effectively. By doing this you will create better habits and improve executive functioning, overall enhancing your performance and life satisfaction. 
  • ADHD TMS Treatment
    TMS has a treatment protocol designed to treat aspects of ADHD in adults. The Monarch Mental Health Group delivers TMS treatment for a range of mental health conditions. TMS is a non-invasive, medication-free pathway that may be used as part of treatment for ADHD.

  • Medication
    Some stimulant medications have been found to be effective for managing ADHD. Following an assessment with a Monarch psychiatrist, the appropriateness of medication for your particular situation will be explored. Medication for adult ADHD shows the most effect when used in conjunction with psychological support.
  • Consulting Suites
    The Monarch Mental Health Group works with a number of psychiatrists who also run their own private practices. If you have been diagnosed with ADHD and are looking to explore your treatment options, setting up an appointment with one of our psychiatrists via our consulting suites may be a suitable option

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