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Who is TMS Clinics Australia

We are a division of Monarch Mental Health Group. 

The first clinic in Australia to provide outpatient TMS services. 

Opened in 2015, Professor Paul Fitzgerald and Dr Ted Cassidy co-founded TMS Clinic Australia to provide more treatment options for those living with mental health conditions. 

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Based on evidence-based protocols. 

Founded on over 20 years of research, TMS Clinics Australia is based on protocols checked and researched by Monarch Research Institute. 

How is TMS different from other treatments?
Unlike medication, which tends to have many different side effects, TMS's usual side effect is headaches at the treatment site. TMS targets the area of the brain that regulates mood. To read more about the myths of TMS, click here. 
When will I see the results of my TMS?
Everyone responds to treatment differently but generally, people start feeling the effects of TMS around sessions 15 to 20. 
Is TMS Effective?

TMS has a response rate of 60% particularly those for depression

TMS is also effective for those with anxiety, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, chronic pain and tinnitus

Underpinned by Monarch Research Institute, we do our research.  

Treatment Services

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Neurostimulation can play an important role in treating mental health conditions. These therapies act by activating or inhibiting the brain.



 It is estimated that as many as 30% of people prescribed antidepressants will be treatment-resistant.



tDCS uses a constant low direct current delivery via electrodes on the head.