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Meet the team

Professor Paul Fitzgerald
Professor of Psychiatry, Co-founder of Monarch Mental Health Group

Professor Paul Fitzgerald is Director of the Australian National University School of Medicine and Psychology, Co-founder of Monarch Mental Health Group, Professor of Psychiatry at Epworth Healthcare/The Epworth Clinic, and Director of the Epworth Centre for Innovation in Mental Health.

Paul is a world-leading expert in rTMS. He has conducted rTMS research for over 20 years and established the first and longest-running clinical rTMS program in Australia. He is currently a committee member for the Electroconvulsive Therapy and Neurostimulation Special Interest Group with The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and serves on the board of directors for Neurosciences Victoria. 

Dr Ted Cassidy
Executive Chair of the Board, Psychiatrist, Co-founder of Monarch Mental Health Group

Dr Ted Cassidy is Co-founder of Monarch Mental Health Group. Dr Cassidy previously founded The Hills Clinic group and hospital, the first purpose-built private mental health hospital in Australia and served as the Medical Director from 2004 to 2017.

Dr Cassidy has been TMS credentialed through the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre TMS training program. He has a special interest in innovative, drug-free treatments for people who do not recover with medication alone; and since 2014, has worked extensively to establish outpatient clinics to expand access to convenient and effective TMS treatment throughout Australia.

Dr Jeffrey Adams
National Medical Director

Dr Jeffrey Adams opened the first Monarch Clinic in Queensland. Dr Adams is part of the senior medical team, and acts as a guide and mentor to the broader psychiatrist team. His background is in neurology and psychiatry, having studied in Australia and the UK. In the 1990s he was a neuroscientist researching TMS for post-stroke neurorehabilitation. In 2001 he was awarded “The Pharmacia Australia Pty Ltd Prize in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics”, and the “Rural Australia Medical Scholarship (RAMUS)”.

In 2009 Dr Adams was awarded the “Community Engagement Award”, and in 2017 was National Project Director of “Ensuring affordability and equitable availability of medicines not available to the public via the PBS”, leading to the reintroduction of important medications in Australia. Dr Adams has been in successful private practice for more than a decade and continues to contribute to the broader Australian community on many levels.

Dr Samir Ibrahim

Dr Samir Ibrahim, OAM, has been a psychiatrist for 39 years, and practices in Sydenham and Bundoora. He arrived in Australia from Egypt 25 years ago, and he has a passion for helping people who have mental health problems find their voice.

Dr Ibrahim is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist in private practice and psychiatrist at Northpark Private Hospital where he is also a Director of the TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) Program. Dr Samir is an International Member of the American Psychiatric Association and is the Co-Chair of the Family Research and Interventions Section of the World Psychiatric Association.

Dr Michael Lau

Dr Michael Lau has a strong interest in neuromodulation treatment in mental illness. He is pursuing a further interest in psychedelic-assisted therapy through his affiliation with the Mind Medicine Australia and Monarch Mental Health Group.

Dr Lau is a Sydney-based Consultant Psychiatrist in both public and private settings. He obtained his early medical degree from the United Kingdom and subsequently Masters of Medicine Psychiatry from the University of Sydney. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and is trained in Addiction and Adult Psychiatry.

Dr Lau is an appointed Staff Specialist in the Adult Mental Health Unit at Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital. In addition to his interest in delivering equitable psychiatric care to the rural and remote populations, he has substantial experience working with patients and families from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) populations, having language proficiency in Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.

Dr Mitali Das

Dr Mitali Das is a general adult psychiatrist who has worked in emergency psychiatry, crisis teams, secure extended care and rehabilitation, as well as inpatient and community settings in Monash and Frankston Health. She has expert knowledge in patient assessment and diagnosis and has wide experience in assisting patients with Schizophrenia, personality disorders, depression, dementia, substance abuse, and postpartum depression.

Her interests include treatment of high prevalence disorders: depression, bipolar affective disorder, anxiety, OCD, and psychosis.

Dr Kylie Chen

Dr Kylie Cheng is a general adult psychiatrist with a special interest in psychotherapy, anxiety disorders, and emerging treatments.

Dr Cheng is experienced in treating OCD, generalised anxiety, panic, social anxiety and specific phobias. She is certified with Advanced Training in Psychotherapies.

Through the University of the New South Wales School of Psychiatry, Dr Kylie Cheng has taught medical students as a Conjoint Associate Lecturer.

Dr Kavitha Shankar

Dr Kavintha Shankar is a psychiatrist in private practice based in Melbourne. Her clinical interests include both general adult and old age psychiatry.

Dr Shankar's special interests are in addiction, pain medicine and neurostimulation. She has undertaken training in neurostimulation under the guidance of Professor Paul Fitzgerald and Professor Colleen Loo.

Dr Shankar is involved in practising TMS assessments via Telehealth. She is also actively involved with the TMS unit at PineLodge in Victoria. She undertakes both inpatient and outpatient consulting at St John of God PineLodge Clinic.

Dr Jane Nguyen

Dr Jane Nguyen finished specialist training in psychiatry in Melbourne Victoria and has been working in both public and private settings since graduation.

As a member of the Faculty of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, she has special interests and experiences caring for patients at the interface between medicine/surgery and psychological issues. Another area of interest of hers is neurostimulation as a treatment option for mental illnesses such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Transcranial direct-current stimulation or Electroconvulsive Treatments. This saw her joining the team at Monarch Mental Health Group. When not working, she enjoys reading and dreaming about travelling again.

Dr Su Lynn Cheah

Dr Su Lynn Cheah graduated in medicine from Monash University in 2010 and completed her psychiatry training through Hunter New England
Mental Health.

In 2018 she undertook a HETI Special Training Fellowship in Eating Disorders and has worked in a range of clinics and hospitals across Australia, including neuropsychiatry, older persons mental health, mood disorders, and early psychosis