What is the process for TMS treatment?

What is the treatment process?

Patient Care Team contact
A Coordinator will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your referral. During the call, our Coordinator will ask you some screening questions, help to locate your most convenient clinic location, and book your initial assessment. They will also facilitate funding arrangements (if required) after completion of the initial assessment.

Initial assessment
A Psychiatrist and TMS Clinician will assess your suitability and treatment history and establish a baseline measure which will be used to determine whether the treatment is working.

Session 1 Resting motor threshold
The dose and individual TMS treatment will be determined.

Session 2-21 Acute treatment (Phase 1)
In this phase you will have 5 sessions per week. A TMS Clinician will measure how you are responding to treatment at sessions 1, 12 and 18. A Progress Report is delivered to your treating team at the end of this treatment phase.

Session 22- 31 Acute treatment (Phase 2)
After the first phase of treatment, changes in your mood will most likely be noticeable. If TMS is working for you, treatment will continue. Your response will be assessed again at session 28. A report will be delivered to your treating team at the end of this treatment phase. Treatment may be extended if necessary, depending upon your response.

Ongoing - Maintenance
After you have completed the acute phase of treatment, as part of your relapse prevention plan, you may be prescribed ongoing maintenance treatment which will taper down to 1 session per week or 1 session per fortnight.