How to get started with MMHG?

What is required to start treatment?

Most of the time, Doctors send the referral to MMHG via fax or email however, sometimes patients email the referral to us directly. Once we have the referral, the patient is contacted, within 48 hours.

An Initial Assessment is booked with one of our MMHG Psychiatrists to determine the suitability and safety of treatment.

If the patient is with a funding body, after the report is finalised from the Initial Assessment, the funding request and paperwork will be sent to their funding body.

If approved, the patient will be contacted to start arranging their appointments at the clinic

If declined, the patient will be contacted, and they can choose whether they would still like to proceed as a private paying patient or whether they will no longer pursue TMS treatment.

If a patient is not registered with a funding body and proceeds as a private patient, they will be contacted to arrange appointments at the clinic, once the Initial Assessment has been completed and the Psychiatrist has confirmed suitability.