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How often do I need to attend treatment sessions?

How many sessions do I need?

For the acute phase: Normally, this is a total of 35 sessions, if patients are late responders to treatment, it can be increased to 40 sessions. Patients are encouraged to attend 5 sessions a week as studies have shown this to give the best efficacy, however, attendance frequency can be discussed during the Initial Assessment to determine what will give the best outcome to the patient.

It is not ideal for the patient to have a break between sessions as they will lose the effects that they would have already obtained from treatment. If the patient has a holiday booked in between their treatment phase, a week’s break is okay although not ideal.

It is recommended that the patient start their treatment after they come back from their holiday so that there isn’t further disruption to their treatment.

Understandably there may be times when the patient has to miss treatment due to an illness or any other unforeseen event.