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Our mission is to help people recover from mental illness

The symbol of the Monarch butterfly represents not an endpoint of transformation, but an ongoing cycle for our organisation: evolving treatments and services to meet the needs of patients – and embarking on the journey to make these treatments accessible.

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The Monarch Butterfly symbolises the experiences of people with mental illness

From the internal struggles of mental illness...

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to the hope for a better future ...

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The Monarch Butterfly’s migration, persevering through obstacles, represents the journey many undertake

to achieve better mental health

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Maya Angelou

Our evolution

5 years ago, we opened TMS Clinics Australia and embarked on a mission to help more people recover from mental illness. But as we expanded access to TMS, we understood that to help even more people meant we would need to offer more treatment options.

To address this need, we have expanded our service to a psychiatrist-led mental health provider offering innovative treatment services for depression and anxiety. With this expansion, comes a new identity that better reflects not only where we are, but also where we are going.

We are now known as Monarch Mental Health Group. Our symbol the butterfly, represents not only the patient journey, but the transformation of our organisation.

One thing that isn't changing is our purpose: to help more people recover from mental illness.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

What we offer

We are proud to introduce The Monarch Clinic a psychiatrist-led clinical team including psychologists and nurses that deliver mental health assessment and next-step treatment services. Our work is informed by the ongoing research conducted by Monarch Research Institute.

We provide assessment services and tailor treatment to the individual needs of the patient.

We provide assessment services and tailor treatment to the individual needs of the patient.

Professor Paul Fitzgerald leads the Monarch Research Institute which has been established to further our understanding of emerging treatments and how existing treatments can be tailored to help more patients recover from mental illness.

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